WICSA 2014 Distinguished Service Award (IEEE TCSE)

Prof. Hans van Vliet 

Hans has been part of the WICSA community since its inception. He has contributed to the conference since its first edition, as an author and as a researcher. He has always been active during working sessions and various events. He was the organizer of WICSA2001 Amsterdam.  He started the thriving software architecture community in the Netherlands as well. He co-organized at the VU University Amsterdam the first “ICT software architecture conference”, in 1999. At the time it was the same size of a workshop; nowadays this is called the LAC (Landelijk Architectuur Congres), meaning Nation-wide architecture conference, and it attracts 400 to 700 participants every year, most of which are practicing architects all over the country.

Hans is Editor in Chief of the Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software, for which he initiated a few years ago the Area on Software Architecture.  Through the Dutch Griffin project, Hans has also influenced the research line on SA Knowledge Management, now mainstream as evident from the multiple sessions focused on this area in WICSA 2014.

Hans is one of the few academics who perform action research. He brought forward his vision of “industry-driven research” showing that it is possible to carry out outstanding scientific research to answer issues in practice. His research philosophy has been adopted by many colleagues, implicitly or explicitly. He has contributed to narrowing the gap between industry and academia. Many people present today have worked with him. We appreciate him as a researcher as well as a person: modest, realistic, sharp, and always grounded.

WICSA 2014 Best Papers

– Evaluating a Representational State Transfer (REST) Architecture – What is the impact of REST in my architecture? (Bruno Costa, Paulo Pires, Paulo Merson and Flávia Delicato)
– Inconsistency Resolution in Merging Versions of Architectural Models (Hoa Khanh Dam, Alexander Reder and Alexander Egyed)
– A Flexible Framework for Runtime Monitoring of System-of-Systems Architectures (Michael Vierhauser, Rick Rabiser, Paul Gruenbacher, Christian Danner, Wallner Stefan and Helmut Zeisel)
– Industrial Implementation of a Documentation Framework for Architectural Decisions (Christian Manteuffel, Dan Tofan, Heiko Koziolek, Thomas Goldschmidt and Paris Avgeriou)

Congratulations to the authors. Authors of the best papers will be invited to submit to a special issues in the Journal of Systems and Software.

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