Call for Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

WICSA is a working conference, we facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas amongst participants. Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions provide such an opportunity. A BoF session is a one hour, informal forum for discussions related to any aspect of software architecture. Attendees wishing to get together with others who share their interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds are invited to organize and/or attend a BoF session. BoFs can be used to continue a discussion that began in a technical session, or for a group to get together to pursue a common interest, or just to discuss a range of opinions around a topic.

Requirements for holding a BoF and to attend one are very flexible. A BoF can be proposed and advertised before the conference, or it can be convened at the conference when the need for one is recognized. If you’d like to organise one, please send a briefing for BoFs to either Antony Tang or John Klein in advance. We will put your BoF session in the WICSA website, and advise participants of organised BoF sessions during the conference. People who are interested in participating can just turn up to participate in the discussions.

BoF Session 1:  Energy-aware software architectures: what the challenges for research? 

In the future all software-intensive systems will have to be energy-efficient or energy-aware, support sustainable organizations and sustainable social interactions. What are the pillars for ‘green architecting’? Do we need new methodologies and competencies, or will energy-efficiency and sustainability mean just additional quality requirements to be considered while architecting? This BoF session aims at opening the discussion for practicing architects and researchers in the software architecture community. Bring your expertise, ideas, and research questions.

Patricia Lago (

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